Fall Skin Care – Tips to Prevent Flakey, Dry Skin

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With the annual introduction of everything pumpkin-spice flavored, first Halloween jack-o’-lantern appearances, and “Sweater Weather”-captions all over your social media newsfeed – you will not only need to adapt your wardrobe but also your fall skin care! Your face and body now need protection against other things than sun damage, UVA, and UVB rays. Its nemeses are now drastic drops in temperature, less humidity, and the warming dryness of the omnipresent central heating.

But worry not! Anjou is here to guide you and your skin through these not even so tough times, so, let’s talk fall skin care! Don’t hurry out to your next Sephora and replace all your beauty items with a fall alternative. With our little tips and tricks your skin’s transition from summer golden goddess to fall beauty will be a success in no time and at the same time, you won’t make a dent in your wallet.


Incorporate a Serum!

Blog-Banner-750-x-456 Fall Skin Care - Tips to Prevent Flakey, Dry Skin
A serum underneath your moisturizer can help your skin retain hydration

Often forgotten but a real fall skin care game changer: a serum. This is an easy way to ensure your skin’s thirst for moisturizing fall skin care is quenched. Mixing in a serum into your daily routine can not only combat fall dryness but also take your skin from great to #flawless. With its smaller molecules, a serum can deeply penetrate your skin and deliver moisture as well as a high concentration of active ingredients right where it is needed. Apply it right after cleansing your skin, but before your moisturizer and pump up your fall skin care game.

Now, there are about as many types of serums as there are flannels popping up in every fashion store. Choose one depending on your skin type and the rest of your fall skin care: panthenol, hyaluronic acid (found in Anjou’s Hyaluronic Acid Serum), and phospholipids based serums are ideal to provide your skin with rich moisture. Aloe vera, lichochalcone, and green tea bases reduce redness. And finally, serums containing peptides are perfect if you want to combat aging and soothe out the appearance of wrinkles.


Mask it!

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A more ~effective immediately~ solution for potentially dry and flakey skin is a weekly nourishing face mask. Add a thick, deeply moisturizing mask into your fall skin care and let your complexion soak up all the rich ingredients. Relieve your face from tightness, itching, and lack of moisture and enjoy freshly vitalized, subtle skin. A weekly face mask can also be the perfect opportunity to relax, enjoy some “me time”, and reflect on your upcoming Halloween costume maybe?

A nice all-rounder to have in your beauty cabinet is a Dead Sea Mud Mask. It does not just deep clean your pores and free your skin from dirt, blackheads, and other impurities, but it also reduces dry skin and wrinkles. Its antioxidant properties, minerals such as bromide, sulfate, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, as well as clay and nutrients absorb effortlessly into the skin. Basically, this Mud Mask is a potent protein shake for your skin that it will gladly drink up!


Oil Things Up!

Blog-Banner-750-x-456 Fall Skin Care - Tips to Prevent Flakey, Dry Skin
Finishing your skin care routine with an oil locks in all the nutrients from serum and moisturizer

A very powerful way of locking in those nourishing components that you applied with your fall skin care is a finishing natural face oil. Even if you have oily skin or an oily T-zone, you mustn’t shy away from using this efficient step in your fall skin care routine. Stripping away your skin’s oil in trying to achieve that ultra-matte look can mess with your skin’s PH balance, resulting in an even higher oil production. If you happen to have an oily complexion, just stick to a lightweight oil.

A skin oil is best implemented into your fall skin care routine at night for two reasons: firstly your skin has the whole night to absorb the rich nutrients; Secondly, most makeup products will not sit well on an oil and might slide around. If applying an oil at night is still too heavy, try adding a few drops into your moisturizer to pack it with a powerful nourishment punch.

Oils that work with all skin types are argan, jojoba, rosehip, calendula, and chia oil.


Scrub the Worries Away!

Blog-Banner-750-x-456 Fall Skin Care - Tips to Prevent Flakey, Dry Skin
Scrub away dirt and dead skin cells to purify and soften skin

At a similar intermittence as the face mask, a weekly full body peel can do wonders for your fall skin care. Especially if you have flakey shins, elbows, or even a super dry face – freeing it with a physical exfoliator lets your skin breathe and stimulates the growth of new skin cells.

You can make your own peeling at home with some coconut oil or honey, sugar, and salt. Or you can completely pamper yourself and transport your mind to a tropical island with the Anjou Coffee Scrub. It soothes and softens your skin while filling your bathroom with a rich and sumptuous coffee aroma.

Don’t forget to moisturize your skin and face well after using a scrub, to perfectly complete your fall skin care!


Get Rid of Dry Ambient Air

Blog-Banner-750-x-456 Fall Skin Care - Tips to Prevent Flakey, Dry Skin
Prevent the cause of flakey skin by humidifying dry ambient air

If you do not just want to treat symptoms (dry skin) but prevent the cause (in this case: dry air from central heating), you have to get a humidifier! It will be your best friend from fall season all throughout winter, transforming brittle, stale ambient air into a well-balanced and moisturized environment. Besides dry and flakey skin, the humidifier is also helpful in battling other fall based worries like nosebleeds, dry cough, or headaches!

Anjou even incorporated aromatherapy into one of our best humidifier models. Spoil your skin and your senses with perfectly humidified air that is slightly scented and combat dry and flakey skin, as well as lift your mood with your favorite essential oil scent.



Based on how dry your skin is, incorporate one or several of these steps into your new fall skin care routine and relieve yourself from tight and itchy skin. Let’s all enjoy our Pumpkin Spice Lattes with a glowy and well hydrated face!

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